When Winning is a Win Win

Last fall, I put out a survey and got some really great responses (thanks, everyone!). From that, I promised one lucky participant would win $25 worth of goodies from the WilloToons store. It’s been a few months now, but a promise is a promise, so drumroll, please…

~ Hooray for Lane Collins! ~ 

Who is Lane Collins, you might ask? Well, we jumped at this opportunity to share, because Lane just happens to be a very talented photographer, capturing beautiful images from across the globe. Check her out on Twitter (@Lane), TumblrFlickr, and on her site, LaneCollins.com.

Oh, and a total bonus about Lane: she and I share a love for pickles! It’s crystal clear, the girl’s got good taste. ;)


Goodies are a Good Thing
With her surprise shopping money, Lane quickly picked out a few fun gifts for her adorable nephews.  Good thing, too, as she nabbed the very last rocksquirrel bib and one of the last rocksquirrel toddler tees!

So thrilled to play a part in that giving process, too. One giveaway and at least 4 happy people involved? Win win win win.

Adding More Win’s to the Equation
Only because I love making people happy, I figured I’d give a little surprise shopping money to all of you. For the next few weeks, you can use “HELLO2012” for 30% off everything in the WilloToons shop!

Note: This code will only work until March 15, so go get yourself some goodies right quick.

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