What an amazing year it’s been

Hello, my friends! I have some big news for you today. But before I get into it, let’s talk about how amazing this year has been.

I first met (and fell in love with) the team at Stitch last year, got on board, and immediately got to work. It wasn’t long before we had launched Stitch out of beta, quadrupling signups and connecting with hundreds of makers and creative small business owners around the world.

We took Stitch to SxSW last spring, where I organized and produced a conference-within-a-conference and got to see many of you in person at CraftMakerCamp SxSW. We even won Best in Show at TechCocktail’s StartUp Life event! It’s been a joy to see my mentors and friends become valued investors and advisors to a product I believe in so whole-heartedly.

This experience has been one of the most exciting and rewarding in my life. Connecting with fellow artists and bolstering Stitch’s brand presence through meaningful, authentic relationships has reaffirmed my passion for supporting entrepreneurs on a deeper level. Therefore it’s with a gigantic heap of gratitude that I share with you that the time has come for me to dive back in and fully embrace my work as a Creative Business Coach. I will continue to give Stitch my enthusiasm, but I know that, at this point in their evolution, the company will benefit from a more quantitative marketing approach moving forward.

There’s nothing like being able to throw oneself into an early-stage product, and have a hand in actively shaping their future. In fact, one of my greatest joys has been bringing on my rockstar colleague and friend Camille, who is like a bolt-of-lightning for this team. With my leave, I am confident and delighted to pass the torch to her, and can’t wait to watch her continue to knock it out of the park. (Go get ’em, girl!)

So what’s next for me?
I will be sharing more about what’s coming up next very soon, but please know this move is a great thing for everyone involved. I’m thrilled for what’s ahead, and I can’t wait to give you all the details.

I adore helping creative entrepreneurs, makers, movers & shakers, and there are many of you in this community I’m grateful to call true friends. Thank you, as ever, for your support in everything I’ve taken on over the years.

Meet me back here Monday, and we’ll get started on what’s next! As promised, one of my first endeavors has launched! Click here to read all about it »

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