We’re our own worst critics

Did you happen to see the new Dove commercial that’s been going around? It hit home for me, and I’m clearly not alone. We are our own worst critics, and when you really stop to listen to the messages you’re telling yourself, it’s heartbreaking… not to mention limiting.

All too often I work with clients who don’t see their own magic, and who have listened to the critical voices in their heads for so long, they flat out believe them. Healing this unhealthy relationship is what the work in our Feel Alive 30-Day Program is all about. It’s recognizing, for one, that the body you’re in for this lifetime is not out to get you, or a separate monster you must battle, let alone ignore.

Your body, your heart, and your spirit are all a part of you, and the more you nurture this relationship with love, compassion and communication, the greater your joy and peace of mind will be in your day-to-day life.

Jackie – my long-time coach, mentor & collaborator on Feel Alive (not to mention one of my favorite people in the world!) – and I have been absolutely loving co-creating this course. We’ve brought together an amazing group of women who desire to feel more grounded, connected & confident, and we’re honored to take part in their process.

We’re thrilled to invite a new wave of women to join us on this journey. We’ve just opened registration, and we’ll be getting started on April 30th.

What does it mean to be ‘in relationship’ with your body?

If you’re curious about this work, we’ll be doing a free call on Thursday, April 25th. This is a working live call, which means we’ll be digging into some juicy work, just as we do on the live calls throughout the 30-day program!

Click here to learn more about the call & register (free) to join us.
All registered callers will get a copy of the recording, too. ;)

The Game of Good & Bad


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