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Willo OBrien CoachingMy goal is to support you in recognizing where you may be stuck, providing guidance, feedback and supporting you in creating movement in your life/business. We will excavate your needs together, but here are a few common touchpoints that may resonate with you:

  • Getting Unstuck: Movement & Momentum
  • Hatching & Launching Big Ideas
  • Self-Care & Embodied Leadership
  • Taking Your Business to the Next Level
  • Time/Energy Management
  • ReConnecting to your Creativity & Working with your Inner-Critic
  • Systems to Support You

Who Do I Work With?

I have had the privelege of working with creative, passionate individuals who are leaders in their fields: coaches, teachers, writers, artists,
trainers, therapists, and more! I’ve been honored to support them as they move through all the challenging bits that inevitably arise when living a bold life doing what you love.

My clients are willing to get curious, explore and play. They’re ready to face what’s not working, and create a life & business that feeds them on all levels.

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Laurie Wagner“Working with Willo is a dream come true and I’ll tell you why. You talk, you sputter, you spew ideas, waving your hands around, “I don’t know if it’s possible,” you wail, “I mean, I just don’t know what I’m doing!” “We got this, ” she assures you. And she means it. She’s got it – girl knows what she’s doing! You my friend are in good hands. Kindness meets ability meets integrity meets smarts and talent. Do not, I repeat, do not take on a project without her!”

~ Laurie Wagner, Writer & Teacher, 27

A Doula for Hatching Ideas

Do you have big ideas, but don’t know where to start? Do you find yourself thinking about certain dreams you have for your life or business, but then get scared or derailed, and next thing you know weeks, months or YEARS go by without making any progress?

Much like a traditional Doula, I assist woman before, during, and/or after giving birth to their brilliant ideas. My strength as a coach offers you the emotional heart/body-centered support, and my experience as a business owner provides you practical,  rubber-meets-the-road guidance through all of the technical and strategic details.

The process can be scary. “What if it’s painful? What the heck do I do with this baby once it’s out into the world?” I know that feeling, and you’re not alone. To keep forgetting about it, or ignoring it is the easy part, but we both know it will continue to remind you it wants to be birthed.

I can support you through any or all stages of this beautiful process: clarifying your vision, ideating, creating a roadmap for launch, launching (birthing) your grand idea into the world, and supporting you after your new creation is alive & kicking!

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Nicky Ruxton

“One of the qualities that Willo offered me was her deep reservoir of excitement. While she empathized with my business dilemmas, she brought a level of excitement around my loss of objectivity that was just infectious. She made me believe that feeling overwhelmed was a secret blessing. Now that’s a great weapon in the war on self pity. Thank you, Willo, for seeing around corners and making magic!

~ Nicky Ruxton, Owner, Ruxton Designs

Self-Care & Embodied Leadership

Is your role demanding? Do you often find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed, sick or riddled with anxiety? Do you daydream about having more time in your life to do the things you love, but find lately you’re feeling trapped or like don’t have a choice?

Would you like to lead by example, and show your team and your loved ones self-care from an aware, centered and integrated place of peace and wellness?

It can be challenging to take care of ourselves amidst the demands of our work, family and busy lives. I know this challenge well, and after 10+ years owning several businesses and leading, managing and mentoring several teams, it’s an area I have become particularly fascinated with.

It’s more important now than ever we take care of ourselves holistically: body, mind and spirit. Embodied Leadership will not only strengthen your commitment to yourself, but it will inspire greater collaboration, communication, and produce authentically powerful results.

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If you’re not familiar with my expertise, or simply want to see if this is a right fit, I offer a complimentary consultation for all of my services. To schedule a time to speak with me, simply give me a few options that work for you through my Online Booking Calendar.

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If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

“No-nonsense skills to get you back on course…”

Karrie Taylor“I am a true renaissance woman; I have lots of interests and I often turn those interests into businesses. But, the hardest part of my job is remembering I’m a human being and not a machine. That’s why I need Willo. As a longtime, freelance businessperson herself, Willo has a deep understanding of the struggles I face to make sure self-care is also a part of my daily agenda. She has tackled this beast herself. I am happy to vent, but at the end of that conversation, I want guidelines and direction of where to go next. Willo offers insight and nurturing, but also verbal and written guides that really work. And she makes the whole thing light, fun and introspective, instead of like an hour in a therapy session.

After working with Willo, I was able to structure the way I work and how much time I work in a completely different way, ensuring I don’t burn out or resent turning my creative skills into a business. We worked together to understand the psychology of why I work the way I do, and she helped me understand that spending a few hours hiking alone were just as beneficial to my business as taking on another client task.

I would recommend Willo over and over again, not just to a businesswoman or entrepreneur, but also to someone who is switching careers or overall gears in their life. She has the caring instinct to guide you through your most overwhelming plateaus, but also the business background and no-nonsense skills to get you back on course. She’s not just a personal cheerleader; she’s an innovator and a re-invigorator. I wish everyone was born with a personal Willo! Success would come so much faster!”

~ Karrie Myers Taylor, Head Video Editor, Videokard

Holly McNamara“I’ve found that I have increased productivity, responsibility, efficiency and clearer vision of my future long and short term goals as a result of working with Willo. Willo has the perfect balance of strength, sternness and kindness. She challenges you to think from a different perspective and gives a new, refreshing angle and approach to problems & solutions. If you’re in a rut, Willo will help you get out and move forward with motivation and energy! I was stuck in a mental rut for weeks. Starting was the hardest part for me and I am typically crippled by details. Willo lit a fire under me (not literally of course ;) and within 8 hours I had everything that I was wanting to have written out and organized in one place. It was a huge breakthrough and kick start to starting my business!

Willo is loyal, trustworthy, caring, strong, and she has tremendous experience to pull from and can relate to most situations with ease. She has been there and she can successfully apply her experience and knowledge to help others. I knew Willo was awesome the second I met her!”

~ Holly McNamara, Entrepreneur

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Kirth“How am I? Amazing, great, energized with a bounce in my step and love in my heart. Why? I just had a coaching call with Willo O’Brien. If you want support to re-connect with your best self in ways that are creative, playful, profound and action oriented, reach out to Willo and let the magic begin!

Willo: Thank you! Your support, encouragement and modeling has truly helped me stay on my path and connected with my calling. Heartfelt appreciation is an understatement.”

~ Kirthi Nath, Video Producer/Media Strategist, Cinemagical Media