What is your body trying to tell you?

Our bodies hold so much wisdom, and yet so often we go through our days not listening to them. Even worse, many of us are in an all out battle with our bodies; thinking horrible thoughts, punishing or abandoning ourselves in ways we’d never treat a loved one.

This is absolutely heartbreaking to me, and I want to be a part of the solution to end this suffering. I want us to feel connected, at peace and alive in our bodies!

I don’t think there is a magic switch to make this happen, but instead it’s a journey. A life-long one, given that we go through so many different experiences in our bodies over the years, but it can get easier. More importantly I believe we’re in desperate need of learning compassion, self-acceptance and kindness for ourselves.

Between my video series, WilloToons Connect, and my Re:Connect eCourse, it’s become clearer than ever how important this work is. Supporting others in loving their bodies is area I have wanted to dive into deeper for a long time, which is why it feels like a big coming home to be announcing my newest offering, Feel Alive! Reconnect & Live Life Lightly; a 30-day course I’m launching with my long-time coach, mentor and friend, Jackie Priestley.

Feel Alive!

I’m supremely honored to be collaborating with Jackie, as she has been a loving, supportive guide in my life for 16(!) years. It feels absolutely incredible to have walked this journey with her and now have the opportunity to share this work with so many others. What a gift!

Join Us
Registration for our course will open in January, and the course begins on January 22nd. To learn more, visit the *Feel Alive!* site and subscribe; we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when more information has been posted and registration opens.

Here’s to feeling your best in 2013, my friends!

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