WilloToons Connect: Meet Marianne Elliott

Many of you have already heard me raving about Marianne Elliott, and her incredible 30 Days of Yoga program, that I did in January. If not, I’m here to tell you that – regardless of your interest in yoga – this woman is someone to stop and listen to.

From the very beginning, my experience of Marianne and the work she is doing, has been nothing short of eye-opening. As you’ll learn in this episode, Marianne has served valiant human rights work in very challenging situations, and as a result has learned how necessary it is to maintain her relationship with her body (yoga/walking), writing and meditation.

How often do we find ourselves at the brink of overwhelm and stress, and yet, in the most crucial moments, still not giving ourselves the self-care our hearts are yearning for? I just wrote about this the other day, and Marianne Elliott knows this challenge all too well, so I was so grateful for the opportunity to sit down and glean valuable insight from her experienced wisdom.

For any one who is committed to serving the world by doing their important work, I think you’ll agree, this episode echoes a deep resonance around the importance of self-care and creative sustainability to support our passion.

Find Marianne Online:  
Marianne-Elliott.com + 30DaysofYoga + Twitter

This is only my third WilloToons Connect episode, and I’m totally in love with this one. Do you like where this is going? I hope so, and would love to hear your comments!

Speaking of… because I’m just getting started, I could really use your help spreading the word. If you like this episode, share it with your friends, and feel free to post the trailer for WilloToons Connect on your blog, too. I think the whole world can benefit from the awareness around self-care and serving the world with your true work.

Wishing you all happiness and health!

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