WilloToons Connect: Meet Mati Rose McDonough

I discovered Mati Rose’s work at a Renegade Craft Fair in 2009. Stepping up to her booth, I instantly fell in love with EVERY SINGLE THING she had and before I knew it bought over a $100 worth, while exclaiming, “Oh my god, hurry and ring me up before I buy one of everything!” Needless to say, I’m a fan.

Since then, we’ve become close friends, and LIDL cohorts, and I continue to be inspired watching her cultivate a full, creative life that most artists only dream of. That said, her journey hasn’t been paved with gold, and yet Mati’s tenacity for following her heart has totally paid off. Her fabulous paintings are sold across the country and she has her work licensed on cards, magnets, tees and more. She’s been featured in many books, is in the process of writing her own, and has a successful online course, called Get Your Paint On. How’s that for making it happen? Hallelujah!

In this conversation, Mati and I discuss how important it is to stay true to your work, and giving time to yourself amidst the pressure of deadlines and expectations that come with being a full-time artist. Mati is an incredible inspiration for never giving up on what you love. The fact that she has fearlessly continued to pick up the paintbrush and create no matter what, is a beacon for all of us who have that small voice within, begging us to give life to our gifts.

Visit Mati Rose Online
MatiRose.com + Teahouse Studio + Flickr + Twitter

Does this conversation hit home for you? Are you an artist who works full-time on your business, or wishes you could? I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or questions in the comments!

UPDATE: I just posted Behind-the-Scenes photos and Mati’s answers to my Creative Questionnaire!

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