Now Offering Marketing & Social Strategy Packages!

Are you a mover & shaker with a message to share?

Are you looking to level up your personal brand, or need help with your startup
or non-profit’s marketing/communication/social media strategy?

Specifically Designed for Individuals & Business Owners

As a business owner myself, I know what it’s like to have a LOT on your plate. Therefore, I’ve designed several Marketing & Social Strategy packages specifically for those who desire:

  • Support – in making it happen, getting it written, getting it out there.
  • Accountability – working with someone else keeps you focused and on-track.
  • A duplication machine – what could you accomplish with 2 more brains,
    4 more hands, and 20 more fingers?
  • Smart Relationship Marketing – building it right.
  • Working with a dynamic team that’s experienced, efficient and fun.

Let’s Get This Party Started

Are you ready for expert insight, solid guidance, and a ready-to-implement strategy to share your message with the world? Sweet. This Intro Package is where all the magic begins.

Intro Package for Social Media Marketing Awesomeness

Our initial conversations are a crucial part of my knowing how I can help you best. All clients start here. Then, prepare for lift-off!

Initial Vision/Strategy Session (2 hours)

  • Gather business information
  • Discuss goals/vision
  • Determine where support is needed most

Beyond clarity, vision & strategy, you’ll receive:

  • Content/Editorial Calendar for the next 30 Days
  • 10 Twitter/Facebook posts to get you started
  • 2 follow up emails for questions/concerns, within following 2 weeks

All of this? Only $500. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve designed these packages for individuals, startups, non-profits & small business owners. I want to make this accessible and easy for you to get the support you need to take your marketing to the next level!

Ready! What next?

Once you have submitted payment (button above), you can book your session using my Online Scheduling Form (select Initial Vision/Strategy Session).

If you want to talk first, email me through this fancy contact form, or use that same scheduling form to schedule a Complimentary Consultation.

Monthly Packages, Designed for You

After we’ve completed an Intro Vision/Strategy Session with you, we can customize the Monthly package that will work best for you.

Guess what? All packages can be customized to fit your needs!
Contact me & let’s talk.

The “Here We Go” Package

This is our most basic, and most affordable, monthly package. This is you saying you know you’ll be 10x more effective by having this additional support, accountability and kickstart to begin taking your online presence to the next level. Remember, we’ll have already had our Initial Vision & Strategy session, so diving into this we’ll be ready to hit the ground running and support you in making some serious waves. Here we goooooo!

You will receive:

  • 1-hour Monthly Strategy/Consulting Session
    • Revisit Content Calendar
    • Stay on track with goals/vision
    • Create strategic next actions for focus & accountability
  • 1 email newsletter, written & sent/scheduled
  • 10 Twitter/Facebook posts, written & scheduled

Not sure those are the deliverables you need every month? No problem. Check out our A la Carte Offerings to see a few ideas of how you can swap something out. Remember, all of these packages can be customized. 

The “Ok, Let’s Do This” Package

You’ve got the basics down, but it’s time to hand it off. You may need to ramp up fast and/or prepare for a big launch. Remember, if you’re not seeing your magical mix in the deliverables, just holler and we can customize this package for your specific needs.

  • 2 hour-long Monthly Strategy/Consulting Sessions
    • Revisit Content Calendar
    • Stay on track with goals/vision
    • Create strategic next actions for focus & accountability
    • Develop unique marketing/launch ideas specific to your product or service
  • 2 email newsletters sent/scheduled
  • 20 Twitter/Facebook posts, written & scheduled
  • 1 blog post, written & posted/scheduled

The “Level-it-Up” Package

Serious stuff… in the most fun, action-packed way. A *lot* of movement in this one, not to mention the addition of insights to track what’s working and what’s not. Major support, and totally customizable for your next-level needs.

  • 2 hour-long Monthly Strategy Sessions
    • Revisit Content Calendar
    • Stay on track with goals/vision
    • Create strategic next actions for focus & accountability
    • Develop unique marketing/launch ideas specific to your product or service
  • 3 email newsletters, written & sent/scheduled
  • 30 Twitter/Facebook posts, written & scheduled
  • 2 blog posts, written & posted/scheduled
  • Monthly Metrics Report & Review
  • 2 Add-Ons of your Choice (see Add-On Boost Pack)

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Add-Ons/A la Carte

Not seeing your perfect magical mixture in the offerings above? No problem! All of these packages can be designed to fit your business.

Social Bliss Bomb Add-On

Want to squeeze just a little bit more out of the social media marketing awesomeness we can provide? Here’s a little bonus add on for you.

  • Set up Social profiles, if needed
  • 20 Tweets/Facebook Posts
  • 2 Email Newsletters

A la Carte Offerings

These may be tacked on to your monthly plan individually and/or may be swapped out for certain offerings in your package.

  • Blog post(s), quantity dependent on length & content
  • Customized email template(s)
  • One email newsletter, written & sent/scheduled
  • Comprehensive website review
  • Campaign/Event promotion brainstorming/strategy session

Need more Tech Muscle?

My team is very tech savvy, and our skills range across many different platforms. Here are just a few we work with, but if you don’t see your platform or required skillset, don’t hesitate to email me an inquiry.

  • WordPress/CMS
  • MailChimp & other email platforms
  • AWeber
  • E-Junkie
  • PayPal & other payment gateways
  • Conference Call/Webinar solutions
  • eCommerce platforms, i.e. Shopify, Storenvy, etc.
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Blip
  • Google Apps
  • and much more!

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Marketing & Social Strategy Done Right

This is Smart Relationship Marketing

You’re building a business, which means this is the foundation of your home, and great care needs to be taken at every step. We’re all about:

  • Brand awareness
  • Immediate and long-tail growth
  • Quality over quantity
  • Authentic/high-integrity
  • Whole-heartedly growing community

Work with a Dynamic Team

In the last 10+ years I’ve founded three creative businesses, served as co-founder of two startups, produced a video series & launched multiple programs dedicated to empowering individuals and passionate entrepreneurs. I’ve gone from being an illustrator and designer/developer to launching my own product line, to speaking, coaching, consulting and advising startups and small business owners.

RockYourBiz 2

Me and my team are a force to be reckoned with, and incredibly excited about the power & possibility in what we can create for you!

  • Creative, Fun & Personable
  • Fast/Efficient
  • Trustworthy
  • Experienced
  • Tech-Savvy

Heart-Centered + Strategic Action

While I’m all about making it happen, I also know sometimes things get murky or scary and you need to hug/talk it out. I feel you. If this is your business, you not only have a thousand things happening at once, but your heart is in it. Ours is too, and in addition to bringing my Coaching/Consulting experience to the table, we proudly offer:

  • High-touch customer service
  • Strategic & efficient implementation
  • Training & guidance
  • Inspiration & cheerleading
  • Compassionate handholding

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