Harvest & Thrive with Willo O'Brien

You have been planting seeds

You have big ideas, awesome products, and beautiful services to share with the world.

In fact, whether you’ve only just begun planting seeds, or you have been giving them water and sunshine for several years, I know you have a lush garden full of ingredients to work with!

However, as you set out to improve your life, or grow your business, do you ever feel like you’re getting in your own way?

Even if you’ve been in business for several years, you may still be spinning your wheels as a result of not having clear goals in place, feeling paralyzed with fear, or derailed by distractions and obligations.

Over the last 10 years I’ve launched multiple businesses and big ideas, and I know how scary and challenging it can be. I have personally worked through countless blocks within myself, refined my business strategies, and I am passionate about empowering other creatives on this path.

Heart-centered, practical guidance for passionate individuals who are hungry and ready to start thriving in all areas of life

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I want to see you flourish

I see so many talented people undercharging, and as a result working way too hard trying to think up a sparkly new idea that will magically lift you up and out of the deep, murky waters.

Instead of all of that hard work—hatching plans to buy new land, bring in large machines to till the soil, plant new seeds and spend all your resources on growing new crops—I love helping creative entrepreneurs leverage who they are and what they’ve done. What can you make out of the colorful harvest you’ve put so much of your heart & soul into?

It’s time to Harvest & Thrive!

I want to walk you through clarifying your goals and give you very practical, rubber-meets-the-road guidance for systems that will help you create the structure & focus to be productive and at peace while you’re doing what you love. We’re going to look at your relationship with money, talk about how to raise your rates, and most importantly I want to show you how you can leverage all that you have within you right now. All of which will support you in stepping into your next chapter with ease & grace, feeling empowered and ready to consciously create the life or business you desire.


Your Vision

  • The power of intention
  • Outlining your purpose
  • Setting big, bold goals to take your life & business to the next level
  • Laying the groundwork for greatness

Structure & Focus

  • Implementing systems to support success
  • Working smart vs working hard
  • Finding flow in structure
  • Setting boundaries & expectations


  • Cultivating a healthy relationship with your finances
  • Setting boundaries & raising your rates
  • Exploring revenue models
  • Value vs self-worth

Relaunching Soon!

Registration for Harvest & Thrive is closed for the time being,
as it’s getting revamped, and will be re-launched with even more awesome material!


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What’s included?

  • Simple, yet powerful, step-by-step worksheets to create actionable results you can start implementing right away.
  • Guided prompts and inquiries to help you get to the heart of your truth, and on your path to consciously creating the life you desire.
  • Tried-and-true resources and systems to support you in easeful productivity.
  • Full access to a community of passionate, creative and thrive-minded individuals.
  • A 20-minute one-on-one coaching/consulting session to answer questions and support you in a specific area!

Tell Me More!

Here’s a little more detail about each of the modules in this course. Lessons will be delivered via email, right to your inbox. Plus, you’ll have access to me and a community of like-minded Conscious Creators!

Clarifying Your Vision
When we don’t have clear goals in place, it’s easy to lose days, if not weeks and months of productivity. You may be driving, but without a clear roadmap, you’re not working efficiently (working hard, not smart), and at worst you feel totally lost. In this module you’ll be guided through a process to create your unique roadmap in alignment with your vision. If you’re ready to feel ignited and connected to your purpose–with an actionable plan that will get you where you want to go–you won’t want to miss this one!

This module pairs well with Creating Structure & Focus.

Creating Structure & Focus
As creatives and busy entrepreneurs we’re juggling a lot! Between brainstorming, developing and implementing your big ideas, you have tasks, clients, family, travel, email, accounting, marketing and more; all of which can quickly get overwhelming and derail you from making true progress. After years of owning/launching several businesses–and being a productivity geek at heart–I will be sharing my favorite life-hacks and easy-to-use tools for implementing systems that will support you in feeling organized, focused and back in the flow.

This module pairs well with Clarifying Your Vision and Thriving Financially.

Thriving Financially
Do you love helping people, and as a result find yourself working for free or undercharging to make your clients happy? Do you feel like you’re hustling as hard as you can, but your bank account is still running low? When we’re doing what we love, it can be hard to put a price on it. And if you don’t consider yourself money-motivated you could probably care less, at least until it’s time to pay the rent. In this module we’re going to untangle some of the limiting beliefs around the taboo subject of making money, and the complicated connection between value and self-worth. It’s time to stop ‘just barely getting by,’ and start thriving in all areas of your life!

This module pairs well with Clarifying Your Vision.

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Helpful A’s to your Curious Q’s

How do I take the course? 
This is an online course, which means you can live or be anywhere in the world and participate at your convenience. All the content will be delivered right to your inbox!

When will I receive the content?
Once you register, you’ll receive your first email/workbook within 24 hours! All of the content will be yours to keep, to reference back to at any time.

I registered, but I still haven’t heard anything.
Did you receive a registration confirmation email? If not, the emails may be caught in your spam filter, or I may not have your correct email address. Email me the details of your concern, and we’ll get it sorted for you.

I don’t have a business… is this course still right for me?
I will be framing a lot of the content in the context of being a creative entrepreneur, or having a big idea you want to get out in the world. However, I firmly believe everyone can benefit from having more clarity around their goals, and awareness in how to implement supportive structure and focus to create the life you desire. Thriving Financially will be more targeted towards freelance designers, artists, entrepreneurs and business owners; however, it will also contain many useful tools for evaluating how we hold money in our lives, and a workbook to help you untangle some of your beliefs that may be holding you back from receiving money into your life in the way(s) you would like.

What kind of commitment does this course require?
I would estimate a minimum of 30 minutes, and up to 90 minutes per module, depending on how you like to learn. At the beginning of every module I’ll outline exactly what you can expect, and offer some suggestions for how you can create a supportive structure to integrate the content & lessons. Each module will have a combination of email, videos and worksheets, all of which that work together to guide you through in a workshop-like format. Beyond that, like most anything in life, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. This is, after all, about consciously creating.

Wait, wasn’t there a complete course offering here before, with 7 different modules?
Yes, there was! I had some exciting opportunities arise out of the blue, so I decided to narrow the offerings to consciously make space; effectively honoring my commitment to engage in my life/business with ease and grace.

I still plan to create the other 4 modules, which includes: Gathering The Courage, Embodying Your Brilliance, Leveraging Your Harvest & Marketing With Authenticity. If you are interested in registering for those, sign up here to be notified when they launch:

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100% Money Back Guarantee
I want you to feel satisfied. Therefore, I’m offering a Money Back Guarantee. If you complete your module and are dissatisfied, contact me within 2 weeks for a full refund.

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Kind words from brilliant women…

Karrie Taylor“After working with Willo, I have completely re-structured the way I work, and how much time I work, ensuring I don’t burn out or resent turning my creative skills into a business. I would recommend Willo over and over again, not just to a businesswoman or entrepreneur, but also to someone who is switching careers or overall gears in their life. She has the caring instinct to guide you through your most overwhelming plateaus, but also the business background and the no-nonsense skills to get you back on course.”

~ Karrie Myers Taylor, Head Video Editor, Videokard

Jackie-2-297x300“ Willo‘s guidance and support opened the space for me to get playful with my ideas rather than feeling stuck and critical.   I am still in awe of how she guided me through my process… Willo – I will be forever grateful!!”

~ Jackie Priestley, Transformational Coach

MatiRoseI am consistently blown away by the wisdom and energy of this woman. She has it all: organizational systems, get-it-doneness, efficiency, humor, high-level intelligence, deep compassion for being where you’re at, and a high-level knowledge of technology and marketing. If you’ve dreamed of a one-person solution to give you insight, guidance and help you grow your Creative Business, Willo will get you where you want to go!”

~ Mati Rose McDonough, Artist & Author

Holly McNamara“I have increased productivity, responsibility, efficiency and a clearer vision of my future long and short term goals as a result of working with Willo. Willo has the perfect balance of strength, sternness and kindness. She challenges you to think from a different perspective and gives a new, refreshing angle and approach to problems & solutions. If you’re in a rut, Willo will help you get out and move forward with motivation and energy!”

~ Holly McNamara, Entrepreneur

It’s time to design the life & business *you* desire

I have made big, bold leaps in my 10+ years of being in business for myself, and I have been fervent in following my heart and creating the life I want. I have done it, and I’ve had the honor of working with amazing professionals, many of them leaders in their fields–artists, writers, costume designers, pilates instructors, video producers, event producers, marketing directors, CEOs, product designers, jewelers and coaches–helping them achieve clarity, get out of their own way, step into their brilliance, maximize their efforts, and thrive doing what they love. Let’s do this!


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Harvest & Thrive ~ Consciously Creating Your Bounty

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