note to self read this fray story

note to self:

read this fray story later. I found it digging through Chris Bishop’s blog. The illustrations he did for that story are AWESOME!!!!!!

Funny thing is, I used to work w/ a Chris Bishop at Spunky. I even saw him here recently – we ran into eachother over lunch & apparently he works close by… But he’s working at a lightbulb factory or something… something like that. Anyway – he’s a cool cat. He’s also an artist (painter?)of some kind, but that’s not him above.

I love illustrators. I need to get my ass around to doing more of my illustrations… and painting, too.

I need sleep. I need to be getting my ass to bed earlier… and working out more regularly. Basic functions feel so difficult these days. It’s all exhausting in away. But I can feel the glimmer and excitement of a positive outlook coming on. The desire to make lists of my goals, to get on track, to make things happen.


I need a nap.

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