next up on illustrators who rock

next up on illustrators who rock..

Keren Richter! I love this chic’s style. She reminds me a bit of Adrienne Yan a little, whose illustrations I love as well – but I also hate to compare artists (from all the years of people looking at a dog I drew & trying to associate it with some syndicated cartoon – “no, it’s just a dog that I drew!”) But that’s how people associate things in their brains, I guess.

AnyVayz… gotta get to work, but had to give a shout out to her illustration. I love it & it makes me wanna go paint and draw and doodle all day long! But, alas, this FT job thang… not so bad tho’ I suppose… Atleast right now I’m designing my butt of all day! wahoo! Let’s hear it for no butts!

Ok, now I’m just getting silly. Enjoy your day!

oh, p.s. I found Keren’s work on – sUper cute stuff there.

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