What did you learn this past week?

We’re trying out a new thing at Bamboozled where we have a question of the week. So as soon as we get to the meeting, we break out the paper & pens and free write for a bit. This week’s question was “What did you learn this past week?”

Here’s what I learned:

  • I need to trust myself more. My instincts. My heart. My self. And most importantly within this, stop blaming myself.
  • That there are people who aren’t as committed to self-growth. This always baffles me. And it’s saddens me, especially when it’s someone I care about.
  • That even when one “bad” thing happens – or actually, I should say, losing someone, I gained a new friend. And more perspective.
  • I learned what it looks like to have a gun in my face. (my heart races when I read this)
  • What it feels like to be truly comforted (by a man). And that I want a man like that.
  • That I have so many incredible friends supporting and loving me.
  • I am taken care of.
  • I am very blessed.
  • I am glad I am safe.
  • That I missed blogging.


What did you learn this past week?

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