Do you love Etsy?

WilloToons does, too! I don’t just have my shop on (I use Shopify for my shop’s backend, and I love it), but I absolutely love Etsy, and know a lot of people who prefer shopping there. Fine with me! :)

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

I love the Etsy community. They’re all about supporting their sellers. Personally, I absolutely love supporting independent artists. It’s so awesome to know that the item you’re buying is made with love (I know, because I put my heart & soul into my products, too)! Buying products that are made with love is like buying organic… good for you & leaves a way better taste in your mouth! :p

If you love shopping on Etsy, please add our shop to your favorites! And if you’ve never heard of Etsy, then OMG, get over there… it’s beyond fantastic! Seriously GO FORTH & BE INSPIRED (and SHOP). :)

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