Summit of Awesomeness! [Part 1 of 2]

For those of you keeping up, you’ll know that last week I flew up to Portland, OR, to speak & attend the 2nd Annual Summit of Awesome! It was only my second time to Portland (the first time being probably 10 years ago, and that was a whirlwind weekend trip), so this time around I truly fell head over heals. The city is so lush, and the art & creativity there is oozing… I loved it!

The conference itself was beyond awesome, just as it was last year. Again I was able to reunite with many of my crafty friends from across the country (third year in a row for a lot of us who met at CraftCon in 2008!), and meet some AMAZING new friends. I mean, seriously, how great is it to go to a conference where you’re surrounded by super creative, crafty, talented, earth conscious, super friendly people!? Best.

Plus, I got to see my good friend Justyn, who I know from high school, and his wife, Stephanie, AND my old coworker, Andrea & her two cute kiddos! It was such an amazing trip. Check out all the photos & videos in the slideshow below, or you can also view the photoset on Flickr.

I have a lot more to expound upon about all that I gleaned from my time at the Summit conference itself, so be sure to read my entry Summit of Awesomeness, Part 2 of 2, which is actually speaking directly to those who attended the Summit with me, and dives a little more into my creative inspiration around the business side of craft. :)

[flickrslideshow acct_name=”willotoons” id=”72157624182729391″]

View the photoset from the Summit of Awesome 2010 on Flickr, and be sure to check out the SoA10 Flickr Photo Pool, too.

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