Shop for Japan on Saturday, March 26th: A Global Community Event To Benefit Japan

Today, March 26th, I will be joining merchants around the world to donate a percentage of my revenue from the WilloToons Shop to non-profit organizations providing support to the people in Japan.

Shop For Japan
“Shop For Japan” is harnessing the power of business and the ubiquitous tools of social media to catalyze a global outpouring of support to benefit Japan’s recovery from the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

The concept is simple: Participating businesses pledge to donate a percentage of their revenues from March 26th to one of Shop for Japan’s recommended charities. These disaster relief charities are rigorously vetted and will all be participating in relief and reconstruction efforts in Japan.

Consumers can access a directory and map of participating businesses at, where they can find more information about businesses near them, the percentage of their donation, and the charity that business is supporting. Watch the Shop for Japan video for more.


WilloToons is donating 40% of all sales today to Doctors Without Borders.

Participate with your own shop, or go out and show some local love to support those who are committing to helping the cause!

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