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Last year I started listening really closely to what I call my “if onlys.” If only I had time for this, or money to afford me the time so I could do that, etc. And one of the if-onlys I kept hearing over & over was that I wanted to paint. Whimsical fantasies of being a painter and having nothing to do but just paint all day long. But, you know what? When we’re listening to our dreams, we have to remember it’s not all black & white. It’s not about waiting until you don’t have a job or kids running around or a studio space or whatever you think may be holding you up. If you hear yourself wanting to paint more, the best way to follow that dream is to START.

If you’ve been hearing yourself wanting to paint more, and you still haven’t done it, or maybe you are painting a bit, but not as regularly, or desire a community of other painters to exchange ideas and show your works of art to, then I’m thrilled to introduce you to a course that will help support you in making your dream a reality:

Get Your Paint On

Get Your Paint On is led by my incredibly talented girlfriends — and two of my favorite painters! — Mati Rose and Lisa Congdon, and it’s such a fun course! You get to see paintings and meet other creatives just like you from all over the world who want to get their paint on. Incredibly inspiring and you’ll have at least 4-5 new paintings by the end of the month to show for it (if not more)!

Registration ends on June 7th (!) and enrollment is limited, so if you have been wanting the inspiration and community to get yourself painting more in your life, this is it: Get Your Paint On!

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