LIDL Weekly Roundup

Us LIDL Ladies have decided to start publishing a traveling roundup, on each of our blogs, documenting all the fabulousness that we’re up to (hint: it’s a lot!).

Last week Jen posted the first one, and my turn was… oops, last Friday. I had started it, but by the time Friday came along, I was knee-deep in preparing for my busy weekend (see below). That said, I’m a big believer in better-late-than-never and all of this news is still very relevant (albeit 4 whole days late), so I’m going to backdate this badboy and nobody will be the wiser, right? ;) Here we go… I’ll start with yours truly:

~ Willo :: WilloToons ~

Speaking at CCEWest

I just finished up speaking and attending the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs*, which was an amazing success and I had a blast! Then, for yet another weekend jam-packed with awesome: I’m filming a new WilloToons Connect episode on Saturday and speaking at WordcampSF on Sunday. Woohoo! More on all of the above coming soon.

~ Amelia :: GoGo Craft ~

PLUSHIES IN SPACE!  This fall Amelia, of GoGo Craft, is launching two out-of-this-world SpaceCraft workshops at San Francisco Public Libraries.  These workshops will be featured as part of the One City One Book: San Francisco Reads, an annual citywide literary event that encourages the SF community to read the same book and then discuss the book at a series of cool events throughout the city.  This year’s book, Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void, is by local author Mary Roach.

These classes are FREE!  But space is limited so call now to reserve a spot.   Perfect for teen and adult crafters of any level!  Materials, tips, and tricks provided.  More details on the workshops here.

~Mati :: ~
Great to see beautiful @matirose for a bit this afternoon before she goes on VK. Love you lady! xo

Mati’s month is chock full of writing for her new book: “A Daring Adventure in Paint.” This will be published by Quarry Books next summer (2012), but you can see a sneak peek of the cover in our WilloToons Connect conversation! This week Mati’s taking a much needed vacation in San Diego and yet still finding time to write in coffeeshops.

~ Cindy Ann :: Blu Penny ~

Cindy Ann has been up to gypsy magic and tracking growth. (Cindy’s illustration career is on fire…. aren’t these the cutest?!)

~ Steph :: Nerd JERK ~

Retro Polaroid by NerdJERK :: Photo by Stefanie Renee Retro Polaroid by NerdJERK (new brooch prototype)
Photo by Stefanie Renee

Steph was busy soaking in all the awesomeness this past week at the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs & was even asked to guest speak on two of the talks! It was a huge boost to know that she was able to help rad folks in her community just by sharing some of her experiences; it seems to have awoken a sleeping consulting dragon within her.

~ Stef :: ~

Photo of Stef at Teahouse by heroic hedgehog

Stef is working away at Teahouse Studio, gearing up for all the September workshops. She also photographed Outside Lands Music Festival over the weekend, and had a blast! Check out her awesome photos and read her blog post all about it.

~ Jen :: Jen Hewett Studio ~


Jen is getting her art supplies ready for her September vacation in Istanbul – and is totally floored by the amount of support her trip has already received. You, too, can sponsor her trip by pre-buying a limited edition print that she’ll create when she’s back in her studio!


And that’s a wrap! Get ready for another one coming out in the next week by another LIDL lady. Stay tuned to @LIDLsf on Twitter for updates!

*Addendum re: Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs
I posted audio & slides from a number of  sessions. If you went to the conference and didn’t get the URL for where I’m publishing those, just me a comment or tweet/email me & I’d be happy to give it to you. OK, even if you didn’t attend… just ask! :)

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