Acting on the whisper

today is a perfect day for a perfect day

Hello, dear blog readers! I haven’t been writing as much these last few weeks, because I’ve had my head down working on some awesome client projects. I doubt many of you noticed, but one thing’s for sure: I’ve missed it.

Writing for me is so cathartic, and this year there’s something within me absolutely *yearning* to write, write, write. That said, like many things I want to do and know are good for me, it can often be that days or weeks go by where I haven’t been making the space for it. Thing is, every single one of those days, I still hear a small little voice every day gently suggesting, “maybe you could write a little today?”

This voice, sometimes only a faint whisper, is something I’ve been really trying to listen to more lately. I’ve written about this a lot – the “if only’s” and how incredibly key it is to LISTEN to your dreams and desires – but ‘dreams and desires’ can feel so big. What about the small little whispers we hear our hearts call out to us? These little baby suggestions that some part of us knows will improve or heal us in some way, but we continue to cruise through life not listening. Or rather, not ACTING on them. I don’t know about you, but I will often hear them, and sometimes even spend time thinking about them for awhile; fully turning the idea on all sides and maybe even creating some mini-plan in my mind for how I might integrate it later…. but then it doesn’t get done. Again.

This has been happening a lot lately with my yoga practice. I hear it come up every. single. day. and day-after-day, I haven’t done yoga. Sure, I go on hikes, and walks, and have occasionally done a cat/cow pose stretch before getting out of bed… but the voice within me has been longing for a full 45 minutes to an hour. So why haven’t I acted on it?

When we ACT on our desires – even the small voices within us, yearning to give ourselves the gift of just 20-40 minutes of self-care or creative-exploration in some way – it is powerful. It reminds us that we can create the life that we want (hint: that’s what those small voices are trying to tell you… listen to them)!

Putting our ideas and thoughts into action are what shape our reality and give us the opportunity to grow and change.

This morning, after days (ok, I admit it, WEEKS) of hearing my small voice asking for me to set aside a full hour for yoga, I finally made it happen… and it was GLORIOUS! Every single time I think, “Aaaahhh (as in: yay, this feels so good), why don’t I do this every day?” But that phrasing has a slight tinge of hand-slapping, so instead I will simply say: today was a lovely reminder to listen and ACT on my small whispers.

In addition, after my lovely hour doing yoga, I wrote this post, which fed the part of me that wants to write, write, write. A damn fine Saturday morning. :)

What’s been whispering to you lately? How can you take a small step to act on it?


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