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Get Your Paint On: Beyond The Basics

My awesome friends, Mati Rose and Lisa Congdon, are about to launch a new painting e-course! This one is called Get Your Paint On: Beyond the Basics and it’s a five week course for all skill levels; it’s going to be amazing!

You may recognize Mati from episode two of WilloToons Connect. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!

Get Your Paint On: Beyond the Basics features more instruction of technical painting skills like layering and creating dimension in your work. Lisa and Mati will share with you how they each approach painting through video demos, written reading on important topics, visual inspiration and support & guidance to participants.

Get Your Paint On - Mati & Lisa

Each of the five weeks, they’ll focus on a different topic:

  • Week One: Gathering inspiration, determining subject matter and transferring it to the canvas
  • Week Two: Color mixing and finding your personal palette
  • Week Three: Techniques for layering on the canvas
  • Week Four: Techniques for creating depth and dimension in your work
  • Week Five: Virtual show and celebration

You’ve got to hurry if you want to sign up for this one though – registration closes tomorrow, October 20th!

Register & Learn More about Get Your Paint On »

Who knows, maybe they’ll let people register for a few more days… either way, I highly recommend their courses if you’ve been dreaming of painting more. These ladies are inspiring masters to learn from!

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