Getting Truthy: How I learned self-care the hard way

Maven Circle

I love the work that the Maven Circle girls are doing! Jen & Jena have created a space for women to talk about the importance of  self-care for a happy and healthy life, and they’re helping so many with their great resources.

Recently they asked me to contribute a Truthy Tuesday guest post for their community, and I got truthy indeed. I actually shared more in this article than I have anywhere else. Some dark moments in my past that I haven’t talked about very much, and yet really clarify what’s led me to feeling so passionate around self-care.


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Where are you getting derailed in your self-care?

With my latest ecourse, Feel Alive, starting in just a few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with my body, and how far I have come. It breaks my heart how many of us walk around feeling disconnected to our bodies, and I’m so excited to share this transformational work with people around the world!

Feel Alive! Reconnect & Live Life Lightly with Jackie Priestley and Willo O'Brien

We get started Tuesday, and I would love to have any and all of you along! You can even get a taste of this work by subscribing & downloading our working intro call, where we walk you through some inquiries to uncover where you may be getting derailed in your own self-care.

If you want to join us, you’ll have to hurry though… registration closes Monday, January 28th! I hope to have you along.

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