Are you ready to Play Bigger?

Is it time to step up your game? Do you wanna play bigger, but you just feel stuck?


Playing Big is an amazing six-month, in-depth program for women who want to play bigger in their work, and in their lives, created and led by women’s leadership expert Tara Sophia Mohr.

I met Tara 2 years ago after taking her Living Your Brilliance course; a 30-Day exploration dedicated to uncovering and working with your inner critic. I was so powerful for me and my discoveries within that course have helped me ever since. This brilliant Inner Critic work of hers is also one of the valuable offering in her Playing Big course, along with practical training in skills such as communication, negotiation, and getting media attention for your work.

I absolutely love Tara’s mission, “that visionary, compassionate women playing big will heal the world.” YES! Her Playing Big course is creating powerful women leaders who are ready to overcome fears, end procrastination, and clarify their vision.

I can’t recommend this course enough. Check it out… Registration is open now!

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