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If there’s one thing I’ve been good at in my career, it’s been making big leaps. Big, transformational, life-changing leaps, in creative, experimental ways. I’ve felt the fear, and followed my heart anyway… and it has been an amazing journey!

Are you standing on the precipice of your big jump?

Is there a big leap or a bold move that’s been nudging and knocking at your door? Do you feel like you could be doing more to leverage all that you’ve created thus far?

Then I think you’re going to like my latest big bold leap!

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This new offering is especially exciting for me, because it’s the work I’m most passionate about, and encompasses so many of my superpowers. :)

I help creative entrepreneurs get clear on their vision, launch their big ideas and take their businesses to the next level.

In doing so, I utilize my knowledge and experience as a Heart-Centered Coach, a Creative Business Consultant, and all my years of being a Web Designer/Developer (Tech Geek) and Social Marketing Strategist. 

It feels SO amazing to have my work be in so in alignment with what I love doing! I want for everyone to feel this way, and this is what I help my clients with. Here’s why:

  • I believe we deserve to feel ALIVE in the work that we do.
  • I believe we deserve to have full permission to express ourselves
    from our deepest truth.
  • I believe we all have important work within us, that needs to come forth;
    and that by doing so, we’ll be serving the world in a bigger way.
  • I believe we all have a unique and brilliant offering to deliver into the world.

If you agree, please join me in celebrating my big launch today:

Skydiving with Willo O'Brien

SKYDIVING ~ Gathering the Courage to Take the Big Jump
A 1-Day Power-Packed Session to help creative entrepreneurs
and passionate individuals bring their big ideas to life.

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Thank you for all of your amazing support. May you follow your heart, live out your big dreams, and share your unique talent with the world!

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