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At the end of last year, Whitney Freya reached out and interviewed me, along with 20 other awesome artists and teachers, for her CreateYOU Telesummit.

Our conversation was so incredible, we both felt like we could have talked for hours!

Whitney & I both support, coach and guide artists. And while we have different styles, the beautiful parallel we identified is that we recognize there’s a deep healing that happens when we tap into and release our creative gifts, which then ripples healing out into the whole world.

We talked about personal creativity, and how this is shifting for all of us right now. In particular, I shared how emotional intelligence is becoming a global imperative. We are more ripe than ever for cross-cultural healing, and we must step into our wholeness through acceptance and compassion.

Overall it was a really juicy conversation, and you can listen to it just by registering for her CreateYOU Telesummit (which is 100% free)!

Some of my other favorite contributors she interviewed include:

  • Julie Daley, who is a darling friend who I had the most brilliant conversation with on New Year’s day that is still rippling through my life. Talk about a healer… this woman! So honored to have her beauty and wisdom in my life.
  • Flora Bowley, who is an amazing painter, and the conversation she had with Mati for our ReConnect course was one of my favorites… so inspiring!
  • MeiMei Fox is a brilliant woman, and a force of nature, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times. The last time was here in SF, celebrating hew new book, Bend, Not Break with Ping Fu.

Register here and listen to these rockstar women, and others share their words of wisdom for stepping into, and fully embracing your role as the ARTIST!

Thank you for having me, Whitney, and thanks again for the book recommendation; I’m really enjoying ‘Awakening Shakti‘! 

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