Happy New Year! Celebrating a Monumentus 2013

Hello, my friends! Wowza has it been a jam-packed-with-awesome last few months.

I’m delighted to share my coaching/consulting business has been soaring, and along getting started with new clients, launching/running my Harvest & Thrive course, I’ve even been able to hire a small team! Huzzah! Big stuff.

Willo on NYEMay you be filled with love, laughter & joy!

I have been doing a lot of really amazing personal work that I want to share with you; inspiring books I’m reading, mind-blowing conversations, enlightening meditations and daily practices.

For now, however, I’d like to share a few lists I wrote (inspired by a dear friend’s prompts) celebrating the last year. It was an incredible one!

What are your top ten proudest, happiest, or most meaningful moments of 2013?
(in no particular order)

  1. It was an incredible honor to co-create Feel Alive with my mentor & coach Jackie Priestley. I learned so much and am SUPER proud of what we created together.
  2. February of 2013 was really life-changing for me in many ways. First, breathing, moving & loving in an 8-Day Training Intensive ‘Conscious Loving & Living’ with the pioneers of body-centered therapy, Gay & Katie Hendricks (photos) + running the ReConnect ecourse with Mati, and creating the Feel Alive ecourse with Jackie + attending Wisdom 2.0 (photos + I’m going again next month… are you?) + my coaching practice beginning to take off = incredible!
  3. Having the opportunity to travel internationally… twice! First to Mexico for Entretrip, then to Oslo, Norway with Shane. YES!
  4. Committing to my health, taking up running again, doing a 5K, and getting up to running 5 miles + 45 minutes at a time!
  5. Opening myself to love, and experiencing a really wonderful relationship (for what it was). It’s completed now, but I’m grateful for the unadulterated joy, adventure and insight. More ready than ever to invite in love. Intention and clarity is powerful! Here’s my related post/video about integrity & dating.
  6. Being asked to speak on Happiness at CreativeMornings
  7. Being interviewed at Makeshift for Form & Future (here’s the video recording), and having a friend say afterwards that she feels really honored to know me, and (something like) I’m a special one, and she’s really glad I’m here. It was out of character for her, and felt really amazing to hear. I felt very seen and validated for what I’m bringing to the world in my own unique way. I’m grateful for all of the amazing friends who reflect this for me, and the kind people in my community who so genuinely give me their sweet love & support.
  8. YxYY!!!
  9. Launching Harvest & Thrive! I’m very proud of my Skydiving (1-Day Power Session) program, too… but Harvest & Thrive feels like my heart song.
  10. Having an awesome, creative, inspiring, easy-to-get-to, enjoyable-to-be-at office all year outside of my home!! (photos)
  11. One more: Having a breast lump scare, and discovering it was fine! PHEW! (I didn’t talk about this publicly, but I found it on my birthday, and it was pretty f*ing intense. Now that I’m distanced from it – and I know my boobs are healthy & cancer free – thank goodness!! – it feels easier to share.)

What things fulfilled you the most?

  • Feeling the fear & following my heart anyway – on many levels!
  • My love and deep connection with my Self and my body
  • Loving and supportive friendships – my heart wants to burst when I think of how much love and gratitude I feel for my close friends in my life. I’m so, so blessed.
  • Trusting my intuition, listening to my gut/heart and holding that as sacred truth; therein building and growing that connection
  • Wild Writing and my writing practice
  • Running, moving my body, breaking a sweat
  • Slowing down, sleeping more, listening to my body
  • Letting go, being vulnerable, being willing to see things for what they are, and as an opportunity to grow from here
  • Traveling… warm Mexico beach & sun, in particular – so dreamy! Can’t wait to go back.

There’s so much more I could say here, but suffice to say I’m incredibly grateful for what an amazing year it was. My sights are set forward on the year ahead, and I’m already loving it! I will share more around my intentions, and the deep clarity work I’ve been doing, in another post soon, but for now…

Your turn:

  • What are your top ten proudest, happiest, or most meaningful moments of 2013?
  • What things fulfilled you the most?

Make it a great year, m’loves.

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