political cartoonists saturday i went

political cartoonists

Saturday I went down to Modern Times bookstore for a Political Cartoonists Panel that my friend Brian Gage was speaking on. Mark Fiore, Tom Myers and Trina Robbins were also there. I was psyched to meet Mark Fiore, as I’m familiar with his work and really like his style. Tom Myers I hadn’t known of specifically – cuz I don’t often seek out political cartoons, but now that I see his work online I see he’s a talented artist!

Brian isn’t an artist, but a writer and then hires illustrators. His books are like children’s books for adults: Snark, Inc: A corporate fable and The Amazing SnoxBox, and actually one out this fall that really is for children, called The Saddest Little Robot. He’s doing really well. It’s awesome to see a friend have an idea, and then watch his success as he moves to L.A., gets published and then goes on tour for it. Very cool.

On my way to the event I remembered my high school history teacher. I hated history and politics in high school. To me it seemed soo pointless. I was “livin’ in the now, man”.. too cool for school I guess. Actually, I had a good 3.7 GPA throughout high school, but I’m sure the class that brought me down from a 4.0 was probably History (well, that & Chemistry, I didn’t get that at all). SO anyway – I had put that teacher through it. I was sooo *not* into history, that instead I just doodled and passed funny drawings to my friend Pat. I was a “distraction to the class”, my teacher had said. But Saturday I remembered that in an effort to extend a helping hand to his student, my teacher came to me and offered that instead of other homework, that I try to do political cartoons. That way I could integrate my cartoons with politics and maybe it would become more interesting.

Well, it’s a terrible ending to the story, but it didn’t work. hahaa I don’t know if it was that dealing with the topic of “politics and history” still seemed so daunting and huge that I couldn’t commit to it – or that it was he didn’t exactly set up an actual assignment with a due date or something. Hell, I may have even done one and I don’t even remember it now – that was about 13 years ago. Either way, because I work with teens now – it made me think of how great it was that that teacher tried to come to my level and help me out.

The panel was great – very thought provoking. And I had a TOTAL small world moment where I finally met Noah’s wife, Erin – and turns out she’s Brian’s ex whom I think I met once years ago. But it was just wild cuz Brian & I had drinks last Wednesday and as we were catching up on relationships & what not, he asked “Did you ever meet Erin?”. He just briefly mentioned how she’s married now… and then to see Noah there by surprise and ask him what his connection was, and he said Brian & then introduced me to Erin – it was just the 4 degrees of seperation deal:

Willo <> Jane > Noah > Erin > Brian <> Willo

What a small town!

And yes, Erin is as beautiful and cute as Jane and Brian had said :) And they’re a cute couple, cuz Noah’s quite the catch, too… I want a man with his style!

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