The World’s Biggest Summit

I just wrote a post, recapping what an incredible year this has been thus far, but totally spaced one of the first things I have to celebrate in October is that The World’s Biggest Summit is underway!

This has been in the works for the last couple months, and it is so exciting to see it unfold! If you haven’t signed up for your ticket yet (which is 100% FREE, by the way), you must go get your all access pass now. Truly, this Summit has such an incredible collection of knowledge and guidance; I can’t wait to dive into it!

What is the World’s Biggest Summit?
Well, I will let the whimsical site give you the full scoop, but I will say Goddess Leonie has put together a phenomenal program chock full of so many incredibly wise teachers, coaches and guides – many of whom I respect and adore. Seriously, my face (in the image above) is included next to two of my creative idols, SARK and Julia Cameron… swoon!

All that is to say, I am completely humbled and honored to be among the 100+ teachers, as today – October 5th, Day 5 of the Summit – marks the day my contribution is being posted.

It’s just about 20 minutes long, and it’s a delightful conversation I had with the bright light, Goddess Leonie herself, all about Creative Sustainability (à la my WilloToons Connect video series). I’m thrilled to help share the message of self-care and following your dreams with so many around the world!

Ok, now go nab your free ticket and start diving in. Oh, and if you happened to find your way to my site from attending the World’s Biggest Summit, please do say hello! :)

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