Weekly Tip: How to Customize your Facebook URL

How to Customize your Facebook URL (vimeo video)
The video shows my old Facebook page, WilloToons, but it’s now WilloLovesYou! :)

Ever wonder how you can change your Facebook URL, so that it’s not a super long number, and instead it’s something shorter and easier to remember?

For example, when you first sign up, your personal profile URL looks something like this:

When it could be something much shorter and easier to remember, like your name or nickname:
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Same goes with your business page. When you first sign up, the URL is something super long, like:

When it could be shorter and easier to remember, like:
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Remember, it’s all about branding, and making it easy to remember your URL, and share it on other sites. Watch the video above (click here if you can’t see it) to find out how you can customize your Facebook URL.

This is the first of a few Weekly Tips I’ll be publishing. Do you have anything you recommend, or any questions I can help you with?

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