Foster Your Creativity: Teahouse Studio Workshops

One of my greatest passions is supporting creative exploration. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who feels you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, I know for a fact there is creativity coursing through every single one of us, and it’s one of the best natural highs around to tap into it!

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many knock-your-socks-off brilliant artists, and it just so happens that three of those inspiring creatives – Mati Rose, Stefanie Renee and Tiffany Moore – recently joined together to open Teahouse Studio in Berkeley, California.

Teahouse Studio

This space is not only their beautiful & inspiring art studio by day, but it’s also serving as a hub of creativity, dedicated to cultivating dreams and exhibiting projects. They hold oodles of workshops and if I only had more hours in the day, I would sign up for every single one!

Teahouse Studio Workshops GoGo Craft

I want one!

I especially love the upcoming GoGo Craft Workshop to make a Hipster Robot Plushie. Teddy bears are so 1950.

Amelia Strader, the owner of GoGo Craft is so creative, and was a genius to create a business around ‘Mobile Crafting Workshops.’ There are some of us who have caught the crafting bug, so we get it, but Amelia gets to see faces light up when they find themselves at one of her crafting tables, creating something with their very own hands.

All four of these girls – Mati, Stef, Tiffany & Amelia – are also a part of LIDL, the collective of crafty ladies I meet with every week here in San Francisco, so I can personally vouch for how wonderful it will be to attend and craft it up with them. ;) Also, GoGo Craft is a great if you’re looking to add a creative element to your next party!

This crafting workshop is just one of the many that Teahouse has scheduled for the rest of the year. They’ve got Laurie Wagner coming in to do a writing course, and a slew of other courses around multi-media, self-discovery, photography and more. Bottom line is Teahouse Studio is a great place to learn new techniques, get and build ideas, meet fellow geniuses of craft, and foster the creativity that’s just daring to burst out of us all!


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