Jammin’ on WilloToons Connect

I am so pleased to have my friend, and Bay Area musician, anamude featured on my WilloToons Connect conversation with Mati Rose McDonough!

Anamude’s folk/pop music sets the tone right at the beginning of the episode, and her sweet strums take us through the transitions. This song, “A Dim-Lit Road,” can be found for purchase on CD Baby, along with the entire Urban Comfort album, for only $10.

Also, My First Earthquake makes another appearance on WilloToons Connect, with their upbeat song “Masada” closing the Mati Rose episode. It can be found on their 2010 4-track EP, Crush, which is available as a free download. Sweet!

Last, but definitely not least, is the great song you hear in the 1-minute trailer for the Mati Rose episode (if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, go watch it… it’s great!). My friend, Steven Holmes, has not only been the WilloToons Connect editor on my first two episodes, but he’s a rockin’ musician, too! Go watch Steve’s music video, Dreamer, where he plays all of the instruments! Amazing. I’m so grateful to have that guy on my team.

Thanks for lending your incredible talent, friends. I love having your creative work as a part of this inspiring series, and it wouldn’t be as awesome without the fabulous collaboration of all of us together! <3

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