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My First Earthquake | Rebecca Bortman

My First Earthquake is a local band made up of a few incredibly talented friends of mine. It’s been awesome watching them crank out a handful of albums & EPs and dozens of inspired music videos — many of which our mutual friends also star in — since they first formed in 2006.

As WilloToons Connect was coming together, I knew I was going to need music for it, and immediately thought of their catchy electro-indie-pop. Thankfully, they were into it, and I’m honored to be using their song ‘Ice Queen‘ in the WilloToons Connect trailer. It totally makes it so super fun, doesn’t it?

I love knowing the soundtrack is the work of my friends’ and that with their talent, and all of the rockstars who are a part of this new venture, we’re co-creating an awesome experience. Creative collaboration FTW!

Band members include: Rebecca Bortman on vocals, Chad Thornton on keyboard and bass, Andre Salcido on drums, and Dave Lean on guitar. The story behind the name is pretty awesome, too: during their first songwriting session, Rebecca experienced her very first earthquake. The sexual/geological double-entendre had a nice ring to it, and the name was born!

My First Earthquake CD FrictionTake a listen and check them out on Twitter and Facebook. Their newest release, Friction, is excellent… and only a $7 digital download!

Also, My First Earthquake makes another appearance on WilloToons Connect, with their upbeat song “Masada” closing the Mati Rose episode. It can be found on their 2010 4-track EP, Crush, which is available as a free download. I can’t seem to get enough of them!

Keep an eye on these kids. They’re a great example of being passionate about something and making it happen!

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