My City’s Made of Toothpicks

Whoa, I love seeing my city made out of unlikely materials! One of my favorites is Liz Hickock’s Jello San Francisco from 2006:

Liz Hickok's Jello San Francisco, Alamo Square

And then, back in 2008, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco hosted this sculpture of the city made by Zhan Wang out of kitchenware:

But move over jello and silverware… recently, artist Scott Weaver presented his masterpiece of the Bay Area made with 100,000 toothpicks, which took him 35 YEARS to complete! Now you might be impressed by those big numbers, but wait until you watch this video (below). His sculpture has several different TOURS. I can’t even fathom how he did this (let alone transported it to the Exploratorium)… I’m blown away!

Amazing, right? No doubt all of these were a serious labor of love. Three cheers for being dedicated to your craft!

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