WilloToons Apparel: What’s Left (Hint: Not Much!)

Since January, when I announced letting go of WilloToons apparel, the last of my ‘geek meets rock ‘n roll’ line has been flying off the shelves. Now, six months later, only a *very few* items remain. So, I thought I’d show you all exactly what’s left… get it while it’s hot!

i’m not sarcastic at all
Women’s scoop

Small: 9, Medium: 7, Large: 14, X-Large: 7
Men’s organic tee
Small: 1, Medium: 7, Large: 6, X-Large: 2

Women’s scoop
Small: 2, Large: 3, X-Large: 4
Men’s organic tee
Small: 1, Large: 1

rock squirrel
organic baby bib
metallic silver on black: 10, dragonfly blue ink on black bib: 3
toddler tee
6T: 9

i heart my internet friends
Red scoop – Large: 3
Light Blue tee – Small: 2, Medium: 4, Large: 7

Light Blue tee – Small: 3, Medium: 3, Large: 4, X-Large: 2
Black tee – Medium: 7, Large: 7, X-Large: 1

you would blog too if it happened to you
Small: 3, Large: 1, X-Large: 3

cat power (embroidered) boat neck
Large: 8

kitty face
Medium: 13, Large: 17

Don’t you know who I am?
Grass Green scoop – Medium: 2, Large: 10, X-Large: 2
Asphalt scoop – Large: 5, X-Large: 3

There are also a few other baby items, jewelry and greeting cards left, too. If you have birthdays, baby showers or fun summer days in the park where you’ll look fabulous wearing a new designer tee, WilloToons is your one stop shop!

Thanks again for all of your awesome support over the years. I still hear stories about friends running into other (cool) people wearing one of these shirts. Happy to have united the geeks ‘n rockers all over the land!

p.s. Keep an eye on my Facebook Page & Twitter, as I’ll be running some sales & contests to get you guys hooked up with some of these fine collector’s items! ;)

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