Big Announcement: Say goodbye to WilloToons Apparel!

WilloToons is a realization of a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl: to draw & design cool ideas and put them on products. I DID IT! However, last year it became clear that this first incarnation — t-shirts and baby onesies/bibs, etc. — had run it’s course. So, in the spirit of a sparkly fresh new year: I am letting go of the apparel portion of my line.

Get it Before it’s Gone!
Already stock is really low, so we’ve hidden a number of the completely sold out items, but a few of my favorites still have a few sizes left (at the time of posting this, anyway)… they will go fast! Some of the tees were already on clearance, too, so we’re talking sweet designer tees for around $10 – wow!

WilloToons Objet d’Art
I have no plans to reprint or reproduce any of the current styles or designs in the immediate future; so these last few teesboatnecks and cute baby items are practically collector’s items! (At least, so says my friend who was sure to buy several onesies for her unborn child. :)

Share the Awesome
Remember, the ultimate goal here is to celebrate, therefore I’d be grateful if you joined me in clearing this creative space for all that’s on the horizon! Blog about it, post it to Facebook, post it to Twitter, email your friends and family, pass out flyers on your block… you get the idea. Hint: There’s easy share buttons on each of the product pages. :)

What’s Next?
Diving into this new year, I am making some big changes with my life and my art. So, while I am effectively letting go of the clothing line, rest assured there will be physical goods for sale at some point, just not apparel. Subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll hear all about it first!

Thank you so much for all of your amazing support!! I couldn’t have done it without my incredible community and I’m so excited to share my next step with you!


UPDATE: Oh noes, you missed the epic New Year, New Directions Clearance Sale Extravaganza! discount code I had originally posted accompanying this announcement. A lot has sold out since then & there’s very little left… but go see what you can find. There might even be a discount code waiting for you on the shop itself. ;)

Whatever you do, subscribe to the newsletter right away, so you don’t miss anymore epic news, ok? I’m also always updating Twitter and Facebook, too. Stay ‘tooned! And a big thank you to all who purchased something and/or spread the word! <3

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