Huge news for our Stitch Labs team!

As most of you know, I’ve been working with Stitch Labs since last fall, and in December I announced joining on as Co-Founder/VP Marketing. Well, today I have some very exciting news to share:

We Raised $1 Million in Seed Funding!

Here’s us all smiling ear-to-ear, and about to dive into that delicious confetti cake (omg, it was soooo good):

Happy Co-Founders: Jake, Michelle, Willo & Brandon

This round was led by True Ventures, and I feel we truly could not have partnered with a better early stage VC firm. They are legit! Not to mention super nice, and incredibly helpful. I first met Christiaan at the Soundtracking holiday party (my friend Steve Jang‘s startup), where we had an awesome conversation, most of which was nothing about work or startups at all. Gotta love how that works, huh?

I’m also incredibly proud to say we have the support of one of my good friends and mentors, Alex Bard, along with his business partner, Gary Benitt. I shared an office with them back in 2010, and have loved watching their success. Alex has been such a sweet and invaluable advisor for me personally, in my career moves over the last few years, that I’m beyond thrilled he’s one of our investors and advisors now at Stitch!

Last but not least, it’s beyond cool that we’ve got the support of Cuban Council (Mike Buzzard, Tara Cyphers and Michael Schmidt). Not only have they graciously shared their office – a very cool office at that, located in the Clocktower building near South Park – but it’s been so awesome for me, personally, to be surrounded by such top notch creatives. If you’ve never heard of Cuban Council, they’re responsible for a few little things you might have seen, like the Facebook logo, Evernote’s website, Foodzie‘s identity and initial site, and many more logos, websites and apps.  Mike and I also realized we have a ton of friends in common, throughout the tech and music industry. SF is such a small town.

Needless to say, us getting funding is only the beginning! We are really just getting started, and we have some really big things in store to help independent business owners. Therefore, if you know of anyone who makes and sells products, please send them our way! You can even share my big 5 Tips for Managing Inventory post with them, which has a code to extend their free trial.

I’d also love it if you’d follow @StitchLabs on Twitter, and join us on Facebook as most of those posts are me and I’d love to see your smiling face shining back at me throughout the day.

Oh yeah, possibly MOST importantly: if you know any great web developers that want to be a part of changing the way commerce is done, send them our way… we’re hiring:)

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