Write, Write, Write

This month I’m doing NaNoWriMo, which is a worldwide event that propels over 230,000 people to attempt 50,000 words in the month of November. Usually in the form of a novel, hence the name – National Novel Writing Month – but it takes many forms: screenplays, non-fiction, etc.

I’ve taken this challenge on simply as a measure to write, write, write. I have been taking Wild Writing with Laurie Wagner at Teahouse in the East Bay, and it’s been nothing short of transformational. Writing is so cathartic! So not only is this a commitment to my Morning Pages (ala Wild Writing), but I have a number of projects that I’m working on that not only need brainstorming out through writing, but then will need copy written, emails and newsletters written and more. But the biggie is my finishing my book proposal; a task that has sneakily managed to hide in the back of my mind and at the bottom of my to-do lists for the past few months.

Start Where You Are

Writing has become a really powerful outlet for me in the last year, and now I find when I’m in a tough situation, or simply need some reflection, it’s the first place I go. To write it out. Get it out. Let it be seen and processed on the page.

Writing wakes something up within us. The small whispers that often go unheard, the anger, the sadness, the confusion… the inspiration, the creativity, the mad hatter ideas; all of these get a chance to come out and have a say. Most incredibly is the inner wisdom that we all have within us has a chance to speak back to you and talk it through. Invite this part of you to write with you, and see what shows up.

Two of my favorite tools to clear the space for writing:

Catharsis & Creation
I’m actually taking this month to make a number of changes in my life. I’ll post more on each of those throughout the week.

What habit could you use to create or give up in your life… even for 30 days?

This is Day 1 in my week of posting about forming new habits as a commitment to Creative Sustainability & self-care. Stay ‘Tooned for more tomorrow!

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