Launching Your Ideas Into Reality

There is nothing like the liberating, exalted pride & joy that comes from giving birth to an idea. I mean, no doubt it’s a life-changing experience to actually birth a child into this world, but as a creative, my babies have always been in the form of new companies, and taking big bold leaps to launch my big ideas into this world.

As a Creative Business Consultant & Coach, I am a Doula for Hatching Ideas. My superpower is inspiration & implementation. (There’s also a great bit of refining/strategy geekery in between that glues it all together!) I love great ideas, but even more I love bringing ideas into reality!

The investment you make in your self and your business is in direct correlation to how successful you will be. - Willo O'BrienInvestment = Commitment

I’ve had the honor of working with ridiculously talented, successful, creative business owners, and while it humbles me every time, I’m proud to consider it one of my specialties. The reason for this is simple: whatever stage you’re at, I have been there. 

Over the last decade I’ve launched several creative businesses, served as a co-founder for two successful startups, and helped thousands of people just like you through my one-on-one coaching & creative-business consultingonline courses and speaking events around the country.

Here’s what I know:

  1. CinderellaChange takes time. Not always, as sometimes small changes can make a big difference! But for the most part, I work with my clients a minimum of 3 months, and often 6 months or more, depending on the project and their needs. However, one of my superpowers? I work FAST. I know what needs to get done, and I get it done. When it’s the 9th hour and the site needs to go live, I’m like a whole team of Cinderella’s helpers, diving in there with you to magically get it done.
  2. There’s never one solution to a problem. This is where it gets complicated, and if there’s anything you want to try to avoid in business it’s COMPLEXITY. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and sidetracked researching all the 1000′s of different options, ideas, and avenues. For weeks. Months. Years. Sound familiar? This is why we hire coaches/consultants, who have gone down this path before. I will support you in creating ease, focus and movement (aka save you time, money and anguish)!
  3. “Unused creativity manifests as grief in our body.” ~Brené Brown Oof. I know that feeling. I also know the incredible, liberating, exalted pride & joy that comes from giving birth to an idea. Many people have no problem coming up with lots of great ideas, but when all those ideas just live in notebooks on your shelves, gathering dust, you’re not serving you or the world. This is why this work is just as much about taking big jumps as it is about Gathering the Courage. You can do this. We can do this together.
  4. We need love & support.  The investment you make in your self and your business is in direct correlation to how successful you will be. Just as a plant needs water and sunshine… we need love & support. It’s totally normal, and having an experienced, supportive coach will empower you to grow and blossom in ways you never thought possible.

Bottom line is I love doing this work. I love co-creating, collaborating and supporting individuals and teams to get their great ideas out into the world; to find more balance and supreme joy in their lives, and to start living – TRULY LIVING – knowing they are not alone, and they can create the lives and businesses they desire.

Are you ready to get your big ideas out into the world?

Would you like to move past your mean inner critic voices that are trying to convince you that you don’t have what it takes? Would you like support in clarifying the vision for your business or new product. Are you ready to take your life & business to the next level?
Let me know where you’re at, or schedule a complimentary consultation and let’s talk.

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