Photos from Women 2.0 Coworking event

Here are a few photos from last weekend’s fabulous Women 2.0 Coworking event:

Emily and Willo

As I said in my first post, I truly LOVED attending this event. I had no idea I was going to enjoy it that much, quite honestly, but out of the few people I was able to connect with in those few hours, it’s already been amazing in just a matter of days.

I loved meeting Emily Goligoski (pictured with me above). She interviewed me & published a post on her blog just hours later. And then that got repurposed for a fabulous write-up on Josh Spear, which is great press for the WilloToons Shop – thank you, Emily! And of course, I then blogged about her blogging about me (hi, meta haha).

Click here to view the full set, courtesy of Shirley Lin at WooMeOver.

me & beautiful Aviva!

I was also excited to meet cutie Aviva Mohilner, who like myself (and many of the other awesome Women 2.0 attendees) is on a mission to do great things in our world. We ended up having coffee & coworking on Thursday for a few hours, saw each other again that night at the SFTweetUp @ 111 Minna (view my photos from this event) and again on Friday for coffee (because she left her power cord at my house). heee!

Yay for fabulous new connections!

Photos are courtesy of Shirley Lin at WooMeOver, who also put together this fun video animation of them, too, using Animoto. Neat!

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