Announcing our New Eco-Friendly + Organic Line!

New Eco Friendly Baby line 

After going to great lengths to find the best & brightest, silky-soft organic cotton, and the most sustainable and eco-conscious silkscreening, we’re proud to announce we have launched our new eco-friendly line!

We’ve expanded our baby line to include gift sets, so now you can couple a cute baby onesie with matching pants and a cap or a bib (yes, we finally have bibs back in stock)!

rock squirrel totebagAccessorize your Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle

Not only do we have adorable new baby gear, we now have fun, eco-friendly rock squirrel totebags, and our popular eat. sleep. rock. repeat. men’s tee – both created with 100% organic cotton and PVC-free inks!

We’ve also done a mini-redesign to the WilloToons website, updating our press page and making our events section more accessible, as well as adding quick links to our favorite social media websites:


Don’t Forget all our Rockin’ Jewelry for Crafty Ladies!

As much as it can be hard to keep up with my jewelry line, because I hand make every one, I just can’t seem to stop! That said, being one of the Bay Area Coordinators for the Church of Craft helps, as all it takes is one lovely Sunday afternoon, crafting with other creatives, and next thing I know I have a bunch of fabulous new favorite pairs of earrings and necklaces. Check em out!

WilloToons Jewelry

Know of a store that would be a good fit for the WilloToons line?

We’re very excited to announce that as of August 2009, WilloToons is now accepting Wholesale Applications! If you own and/or know of a store near you that would be a good fit for our line, please let us know! We love to hear feedback of any kind, so we hope you’ll all take a minute to check out the new line, the revamped website and take a minute to tell a friend or five. :)

Thanks for reading & hope you’ve all had a great summer!

~ Willo

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