Our Awesome Launch Partner: The Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network

The Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network (FWEN) completely aligns with the mission behind my new WilloToons Connect video series, and I’m so pleased to have them on board as my launch partner for this exciting new endeavor!

Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network Logo

I discovered the Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network last year and immediately resonated with their goal to “support emerging women entrepreneurs by celebrating the unique voice within each of us.” YES!

FWEN believes we can all make a difference, and fosters the growth of women entrepreneurs by offering business building programs, individual or group coaching and consulting, and monthly networking events to their members.

“Our mission is to enable women to reach their full economic potential through entrepreneurship. Ours is an authentic community of strong, successful women who are committed to fostering the best in each other.”

Having FWEN as a partner on the first full-length WilloToons Connect episode couldn’t be more perfect either, considering it features successful woman entrepreneur, Helen Jane Hearn! FWEN is made up of similar dynamite women who are pursuing their careers, businesses and dreams, and all it takes is getting involved and you’re in for instant inspiration and solid step-by-step guidance. Connect with this powerful group of ladies on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @Fearless_Women!

If you are interested in becoming a WilloToons Connect partner and aligning with one of my upcoming episodes, I would love to talk about all the amazing opportunities coming up! Also, be sure to check out the other ways we can work together.

Now some thought-provoking questions for you…
Man or woman – what makes you a fearless entrepreneur?
What’s something you were fearful of in business, that you have overcome?
What are some hurdles you’re still working on?

Let me know in the comments below!

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