Ladypreneurs – Featured in Glamour!

I love reading about inspiring women leaders, and at the beginning of the year decided I should create one place to collect and curate all the great content I come across. To that end, I started Ladypreneurs: Women Winning at Work, a Tumblr where you’ll find some of the most inspiring articles, videos, and studies I’ve come across in the last few months that encourage women’s leadership and inspire us all to bridge the gap.

The cool thing was that for months I hadn’t shared it with anyone, but one day decided to share it with one of my networks (of amazing women entrepreneurs), and next thing you know my little project was getting a lot of attention… including some hot press from Glamour Magazine!

I’m positively thrilled that female empowerment is officially Glamourous. I also got a shout out on Goodnet! A new site all about doing good that empowers us to take action to do good for the planet, people and… yourself! My kind of mission right there.

I’m so happy the word has gotten out about Ladypreneurs, and hope that by sharing this information we’ll all learn more about what we can do to empower women of all ages everywhere. Go forth and be awesome, ladies!


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