Creating Happiness in Life & Work


My talk on Happiness at Creative Mornings received such a positive response, that I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be leading it again online, via Skillshare!

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Most Creative Mornings talks are recorded, but we learned at the last minute that the videographer for mine had to cancel. So, for all the friends who couldn’t make it, this is for you!

Even if you were in the live audience last month, you won’t want to miss Creating Happiness in Life & Work on Skillshare, as in addition to the audio/video experience, you’ll be given a hands-on project to discover and create your own personal purpose statement. Plus you can watch it anywhere, and at any time! As long as you’re enrolled, you’ll have access to the video forevah.


Are you seeking inspiration? Food for thought? Direction on how to find happiness in work, or how to cultivate healthier work/life integration? Enroll in this class. In fact, use discount code BLOGPALS for a whoppin’ half off the registration price.

Let’s uncover your unique map to happiness!

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