Dry November

I’ve embarked on a self-imposed Dry November.

Inspired by having lunch with a dear friend who knows she needs to get sober (quit drinking & smoking pot), I heard her listing out how her life would look once she did. She’d have more time in her day, be more focused, feel healthier and better, make more money.

It was hard to see my friend, who I’ve known for 16 years and love so much, be struggling with this again (she was sober for the first 10 years I knew her), and I could tell that making this change was feeling really challenging and almost impossible; even though she knew how much it would improve her life.

She’s so wise, powerful, talented and amazing… among the many incredibly phenominal artists who have also struggled with addiction. Is it too hard to hold all that light?

To process through our meeting, I sat down and wrote through all that came up for me during our lunch. I considered the challenge for myself and what it would mean for me to decide to be sober.

First, I immediately felt grateful that I don’t have an addiction to alcohol. However it’s also not to say it was a super easy decision either, considering I really enjoy my lifestyle as it is! Deal is, the social circles in San Francisco revolve largely around cocktail parties, great wine, gourmet food and artisan bars, and I’m a very social person who enjoys partaking in all a city has to offer in that regard.

Plus, while I have full faith she will be able to quit when she puts her mind to it, I totally understand how our identity and our community is so intrinsically tied to these behaviors and activities. It’s how we have historically had fun and made friends! Met new loves, made great memories! No doubt it’s a tough thing to shift.

Second, while I know it’d be healthy, I’ve always considered moderation and balance a little more sensible than extremes. I know extremes well, and they can be just as damaging, depending on how you go about them (mentally, emotionally, physically).

However, as I wrote through it, examining my own fears and reviewing the benefits – more time, more focus, feel healthier, make more money – I was like, ‘I want those things, too!’ So I have decided to have a Dry November.

This is honestly probably the first time I’ve done this ever. Maybe I did it a few years back? I can’t remember. Mind you, I’m the girl who (after partying a lot in high school) stopped drinking when she turned 21.  I started again around 23, but I feel like recently – between traveling, parties, dates, etc. – drinking has been even more prevalent. This will be a nice break for my liver. :)

So there it is. I’m not drinking for the month of November. Mostly to turn things on their head; try something different. Ambitiously I’m using this time to get super focused on creating the next phase of my business and continue writing up a storm. That part is really exciting and so far so good!

I actually wasn’t feeling well the first week, due to a mini cold (so really I haven’t had a drop since Oct 28th or something), but it’s been easy so far. I’ve been sleeping amazing. My skin has cleared up a bit. Life feels more manageable… slowed down to a sweet pace. I feel like I’m in a cozy cocoon. It’s good. A little boring at times, and lots of tea… but good. :) I’ll keep you posted as the month goes on.

What habit could you use to create or give up in your life… even for 30 days?

This is Day 3 in my week of posting about forming new habits as a commitment to Creative Sustainability & self-care. Stay ‘Tooned for more tomorrow!

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