Spring Cleaning… Uh, in November

Holy wow have I been doing some serious decluttering around here!

Inspired by the “ReConnecting to Your Space” week we led in our ReConnect ecourse, I launched into clearing out my closets, cleaning up our garage and donating TONS, both to Arc and SCRAP.

I still need to try to sell/give away/donate some of my nicer clothes and items, but other than that, I’m proud to say that I have seriously let go of ~100lbs of stuff! Amazing!

Here’s Camille keeping me company on the day I cleaned out my closet & swapped out my hangers:

That whole process kicked off a domino effect of cleaning and organizing in my home. My closet is totally cleaned out, with everything hung in order on velvet hangers (highly recommended by Molly Graves of the NEAT Method!); the clothes in my dresser drawers are all folded neatly by style and color; I’ve changed around the art on my walls, and moved/got rid of things that haven’t been moved in years.

Digital & Emotional Decluttering
On top of that, in the last 48 hours I’ve gotten to Inbox 0*, have kicked off a migration to finally get all of my email moved over to Google Apps; cleaned out my downloads folder and cleaned up all the files that were piling up on my desktop. HUZZAH!

*Inbox 0 in & of itself requires engaging all my systems to get them working efficiently again. The tools I use to do this are:

  • Act-On – for quick email sorting in Mail, with keyboard shortcuts
  • Evernote – for storing resources, recipes, quotes, thoughts, notes, you name it
  • Asana – my preferred To Do list app
  • Dropbox – files I want access to anywhere and/or ones used in collaboration

As you can imagine this all feels AMAZING!

What could you use to clean up, organize and let go of in your life?

This is Day 4 in my week of posting about forming new habits as a commitment to Creative Sustainability & self-care. Stay ‘Tooned for more tomorrow!

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