the shop is live! yay!

Finally! My goodness…this last week or so has felt like years! All the teeny tiny things to wrap up… taking photos, writing descriptions, figuring out shipping, oh my! Thankfully I’ve had an AWESOME team helping me. Seriously, how did I get such an incredible crew of friends?! I love you guys!

This whole process has been so amazing. I’ll have to tell you the story sometime, really. But I will just say that it’s pretty awesome how it all came together over the last few months. I actually dove into changing a ton of things in my business last October/November… but admittedly the holidays and end of year client work swept me away from it again. Then at the beginning of this year I launched a few other client sites, and then of course there was Noisepop and SXSW… the list goes on. There’s always something isn’t there!? :)

Well the good news is that by the time SXSW came around, I was on a mission. I had wanted to get everything around before I left, but there was just no time, so I let it go…but with the intention that when I returned I would make this happen once and for all. And I have! I’m soo stoked! Seriously I have wanted this since I was a little girl: My illustrations on products! I think with working online for so many years now, it’s just so rad to have tangible items. That you can touch, and wear! So neat.

(Sidenote: I’ve gotten so spoiled with Ali & Aubrey’s awesome editing skills these last few weeks, I feel like I want them to edit this blog post. haha. Let the record show I try to write well, but I’m no pro, like those girls – so no criticizing my errors, prease. :)

So ya, where was I? *sigh* I’m excited. haha. More than anything it’s a big, fabulous experiment! I am just totally into diving into it, learning and seeing where it will take me. So fun! It’s so neat, because I’ve worked solely on my own – Freelance out of my house – for the last four years now, and one of the big reasons I hit that wall last Sept/Oct was that I felt like I wanted to do some sort of collaboration. I have been wanting more interaction… to do something on a bigger scale, somehow. But at that time I wasn’t even sure what that was. Wouldn’t you know it, though…ask & you shall receive, because I’ve done more collaborating in the last MONTH than I have in years. And I LOVE IT.

Following my heart this last month and diving into it has brought me back to life more than ever before. I mean, I know I’m a pretty positive, happy person to begin with, but this last month I have been waking up at the same time every morning. Eyes wide open, and feeling so alive and so excited for another day! I seriously don’t mean to get all sappy on you, but the old adage of listening to your heart is probably the wisest statement ever. JUST GO FOR IT. That’s what my heart’s been saying to me. So I did. :)

Original WilloToons Shop

I can only hope that you all with stay with me, watch it grow and morph and we can all get together and have a big fun party singing and dancing and laughing! :) Seriously though, I really hope you all will give me your honest feedback. Tell me what you love, what you would change, etc. I want to collaborate with YOU.

Thanks for being here.


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