CraftMakerCamp at SXSW!

Who’s ready for another amazing SXSW this year? Well, hold on to your pants, because I have huge news: I’m putting together the very first CraftMakerCamp at SXSW!

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UPDATE: Click here to read the wrapup with photos from SXSW CraftMakerCamp! 

The event will be a full day of networking and sessions specifically tailored for indie merchants. YES! Here’s the official write-up:

CraftMakerCamp at SXSW
Are you a designer, maker, mover & shaker selling your goods online? If so, then stop by the first-ever CraftMakerCamp at SXSW to meet like-minded souls. With a full day of programming specifically developed for creative entrepreneurs, CraftMakerCamp at SXSW will inspire and educate you for a more successful and productive year ahead.

So exciting, right?! If you have (or want to start) a product-based business, CraftMakerCamp will be the perfect opportunity to network and gain valuable tools and guidance. Also, I have it on good authority there will be free beer at this location. That’s right… mark your calendars, my friends!

Sessions, Panels & Contributors – just announced!
I’m delighted to report we’ll have folks from EtsyOutrightSpoonflowerHello CraftHOW Design‘s Grace Dobush (author of Crafty Superstar), IndieGoGoStitch Labs and more throughout the duration of this 2-day event.

Note: I’m still looking to fill a few speaker spots, please send folks my way for the ones that are *‘d below!

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*DIY Nation: How Makers Will Save the US Economy [PANEL]

How to Design & Print Your Own Fabric with Stephen Fraser, Spoonflower
*Have a Spoonflower story to share, or better yet, fabric to show?

Making the Not-So-Fun Stuff Easier So You Can Save Time and Sell More with Willo O’Brien of Stitch Labs

What Makers Need to Know about Money & Taxes in 30 minutes with Laura Messerschmitt and Ryan Thompson from Outright

CraftMaker Meetup & Crafty Happy Hour with Stitch Labs & Hello Craft

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*How to Get the Attention You Deserve: Basic PR Strategies for Makers [PANEL] with Kelly Rand of Hello Craft, Grace Dobush of HOW Design and author of Crafty Superstar

The Psychology & Philosophy of Premium Pricing with Tara Gentile of Scout Creative Media, Adam King of Adam King Studio

How To Find Funding for your Design, Product or Fashion Line – a Workshop with IndieGoGo

*Fab or Not: Do Discount Sites Help or Hurt Independent Makers? [PANEL]

CraftMaker Meetup/Happy Hour with Stitch Labs & Spoonflower

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By doing so I can send updates on the line-up when it’s announced.


SXSW Interactive takes place:
March 9–13, 2012 in Austin, TX
Are you going?

I want to meet you!

Where you’ll find me Friday & Saturday 
I’m also planning to attend the Texas Style Council conference on Friday… and on Saturday we (Stitch Labs) will be a Showcased Startup at the TechCocktail #StartupLife Party!

Please click here & vote to help Stitch Labs win the People’s Choice award!
Here’s my post on the Stitch Labs blog all about it

Woweee, I’m so excited about all the new fabulous designers, makers, entrepreneurial movers & shakers I’m going to meet.

Hope to see you there!


Images © hownowdesign, GARNET, princess toadie

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