Mentoring at Women 2.0 Conference in Vegas, baby!

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to mentor at yet another amazing conference full of entrepreneurs, innovators and forward-thinking creatives!

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2020 Vision: Designing Work, Life & Play
November 14-15, 2013. Bellagio Ballroom, Las Vegas.
A must-attend conference for investors, entrepreneurs, engineers, and designer



I’m a huge fan of Women 2.0, and have had the pleasure of participating in many of their events over the last few years. I mentored at their SF Pitch Conference earlier this year, and helped out as a volunteer at their Pitch conference on Valentine’s Day last year (see photo on the right). In fact, that was an exciting day, as that evening Brandon drove over the paperwork to me to sign for Stitch’s seed round!

I also co-hosted (spoke at) one of their Founder Friday events last year while I was serving as Co-Founder at Stitch, and it’s thanks to their awesome Women 2.0 Co-working event in 2009 that I met some of my dearest friends!

Designing Work, Life & Play

I love the title of this upcoming Women 2.0 conference, too: Designing Work, Life & Play is my specialty! As a designer who now works coaching & consulting entrepreneurs on work/life integration, I might have to start using that as a tagline! ;)

Lunch Mentorship with Seasoned Founders

Women 2.0 structures their mentorship sessions in a roundtable format during lunchtime, which I’ll be facilitating on both days at the conference. I’ll be matched up with 5-7 attendees, and we’ll all have the opportunity to ask questions, share resources and form lasting connections. It works, too, for I’m still in touch with a few of the women I met there earlier this year!

Vegas is rockin’ & rollin’ right now with the Downtown Project, and I’m excited to go back and visit all my friends there! Will you be in Vegas around this time? Let me know!

UPDATE 11/18: I’m back & it was a blast! 

I ran into several women who I had met at the last Women 2.0 I mentored at, AND a few that I’d met at SXSW V2V a few months ago. And, as per usual, I met a whole slew full of new amazing men & women who are starting companies, making huge career transitions, seeking and/or offering investment capital. So neat to see how these connections create a ripple effect propelling ideas forward and bringing people together!

Willo O'Brien mentoring at Women 2.0
Action shot from Thursday’s Lunch mentoring session – great group of ladies!
Photo by the talented Elvina Beck

Willo O'Brien at Women 2.0 Conference in Vegas

Thanks for another inspiring conference experience, Women 2.0!

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