Do you have clarity around your money?


My friend Tara Gentile is such a badass. Recently she put out a book called Art of Growth where she shares all of her super smart strategies for growing your business. Changing your mindset to see the bigger picture for your business, and cultivating a business that runs itself (so you can go about your life) while increasing your earnings exponentially. Um, yes please.

Tara Gentile - Photo by Regina Miller

If you don’t know Tara yet, she is basically the go-to woman to learn how to charge what you’re worth and make a difference through commerce. So if you’re in business for yourself, or want to go into business for yourself, buy this book!

As if all her accolades weren’t impressive already, she recently teamed up with the rockstar founder of DailyWorth, Amanda Steinberg, and they have launched an amazing program called Money Clarity – a 4-week virtual learning program that teaches women the practical steps of becoming a better steward of their money. YES! Who couldn’t use some money clarity? So excellent.

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I joined them on their free intro call, and through their insightful questions, learned so much about my beliefs around money:

What are you consistently telling yourself about money, that’s negative?

My list was really enlightening for me. And to see it all written out was really shocking. It’s so important for us to look at the beliefs behind money, so we can start calling out those lizard brain voices from operating our lives!

What personal desires have you not been acknowledging because of the money scripts you have?

This ties so perfectly into the self-care work that I do. How often are we not listening closely to our personal desires? How often do we feel like we’re not worthy or that we’ll never get them? Answer the question above, and then repeat after me: I deserve all of those things and I can have them in my life!

What new scripts can you tell yourself about how you’re being with money, that would empower you? 

Rewrite your scripts. Change your life.

“Today, women control $14 trillion in U.S. personal wealth assets. What are you doing with your piece of that pie?”

Money Clarity is all about action–opening the right accounts, putting money in the right place, and changing behaviors to reach your goals. So right on, and so needed.

Registration closes on January 30 and the program begins Monday, February 4th. I highly recommend it!

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