Are you ready to get WILDE?


Well…. Are you?! Coming up this Spring, I will be presenting as a part of:

The WILDE Tribe 2012
World Council and Initiation

March 22nd-April 6th
Women of Inspired Leadership Devoted to Evolution

Created by the radiant Indigo BacalWILDE Tribe is a movement based in optimism, inspiration, and purpose. It’s devoted to the evolution of Inspired Female Leadership, and celebrating feminine empowerment and the unique magnificence of every woman.

The goal of WILDE Tribe is to inspire 9,999 women to courageously rise up in 2012 and declare:

“YES! I believe that a wildly beautiful new world is possible and I know it starts right now, with me.”

I am such an advocate for women’s leadership, and the uniqueness that each woman possesses. I will be joined by other creative, sassy, and wise women. Together we’ll share our wisdom, experience, and inspirations. The counsel will host one to two featured speakers and interviews daily in a teleconference format. You’re invited to join us!

I will be sharing one of my hugest passions: Creative Sustainability in Life and Business during week 2 of the Council, which is centered around “Manifesting Magnificence”! I’ll be sharing about the importance of self-care, embracing your vulnerabilities, and celebrating your strengths. I am so thrilled to be a part of this great movement and to bring inspiration and knowledge to as many women as possible.

So ladies, are you ready to gather your courage and inspiration, and give birth to your unique magnificence?

Say YES! to Inspired Female Leadership and devote yourself to the evolution in progress!

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